Piano Lessons Are Coming Back!

September 27, 2008

Hi all you piano fans,

I am happy to inform you that I will be bringing back the piano lessons again for you. I know its been quite some time since I’ve wrote a new piano lesson, but we’ve been working so hard on The Piano Encyclopedia to get it up and running for you that we haven’t put together any new piano lessons recently.

Well, you will be glad to know its time for me to sit down and bring out all those piano lessons that just need to be learn’t by you. First things first, what songs do you want to learn? What bands? Come on give me some ideas. Switch things up.

I know Coldplay was a definite hit and they seemed to get a lot of traffic so I will gladly put more of these, maybe also some older bands. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to get some suggestions so I know I am satisfying all your expectations, since that is exactly what we are here for. You want to learn new songs on the piano and I want to help you learn them, so let me know what you want and I’ll get it.

Over the past six months you’ve seen a few posts in our piano section that have been great and now we feel it is time to begin teaching you guys again. You can never know too many songs especially when you enjoy entertaining and playing the piano while everyone sits around talking.

In the past we’ve done lessons for the more recent bands, but I am thinking maybe we should include a few classical lessons, and maybe some jazz songs. I have so many ideas brewing away in my head that I think its time I let them loose on the world.

I am more then excited to be back doing the piano lessons and hope to see you guys leaving me many suggestions.



Of Course Christmas has a Song – Piano Lesson #10

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #10

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You are about to learn:
Mel Torme and Robert Wells
Song: The Christmas Song

christmas hollyChristmas has its own song of course that you will hear thousands of times over the month of December. Now its time for you to learn The Christmas Song. The words of the song definitely are what every young child will experience during Christmas, and hopefully you will to.

The tutorial has been split into two parts which will allow you to get a feel of the separate parts. Lets begin this tutorial with part one which has been done with great instructions and playing by the pianist teaching you.

Now that we’ve completed part one, lets take on the rest of the song and put it all together. Are you ready?

The song sounds so amazing when you put it together, especially when you add vocals along with it. In the next video you will listen and watch the amazing group Celtic Woman sing this carol for you, enjoy!

Well, it looks like you have mastered The Christmas Song, I hope this tutorial has helped you in many ways and got you more into the spirit while playing. There is no Christmas tune that won’t get you singing, especially this one.

~Chrissi~christmas tree

I hope I’ve helped you prepare for the holidays with this beautiful song. I hope you come back to learn many more that are soon to come!

A True Christmas Classic – Piano Lesson #9

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #9

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You are about to learn:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Song: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

christmas hollyA Christmas song that many won’t know from the title, but once they hear it they will fall in love with the fantastic melodies. The tutorial for Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring has been split into three tutorial videos. This song is so beautiful once you have completed it you will never stop playing.

The gentlemen teaching this tutorial does an amazing job at every tutorial and no matter what you will be able to play this song with just a little practice. Have fun!

Now that you’ve completed part one lets start the next step, your soon going to be playing like a pro!

This is getting easier now isn’t it? Now lets do the last tutorial together and see how wonderful this turns out,

That is the most beautiful Christmas song ever. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire is so phenomenal and well composed I think its time you listen to these amazing women from the group Celtic Woman sing this song from their hearts, enjoy!

We’ve officially completed the tutorial for Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire. I hope this song is a great hit at your christmas gatherings.

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Now that we’ve learnt another amazing song together I think its time we get going on another, hope to see you there. Don’t forget, if you have a song you would like to see on Edutainment just leave some feedback, I will gladly put it on for you!

Christmas Time means Piano Time! – Piano Lesson #8

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #8

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You are about to learn:
Vince Guaraldi (from A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Song: Christmas Time is Here

christmas hollyChristmas Time is Here so its time to be full of christmas cheer. This beautiful song will fill your mind with beautiful memories of opening presents under the tree singing along to all the christmas carols playing in the background. Christmas is the time of your you sit and watch all your favourite Christmas cartoons, and Christmas Time is Here definitely made it on to the most popular Christmas cartoon ever, Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

In this tutorial you will be taught how to play this wonderful song by an amazing pianist who has done this tutorial phenomenally. Hope he helps you learn this fantastic song and gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Well now that we’ve learnt the song I think its time to watch a great video creation that will display Christmas Time is Here beautifully. Enjoy!

Now most of you are probably thinking, where is Charlie Brown? Well its time to get excited because this next video will be the excerpt from the great Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Get your piano ready and play along!

Vince Guaraldi did an amazing job at composing that ever so peaceful melody. I’m hoping to hear you play too! Christmas Time is Here now let’s get that piano going and play me a tune!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

I hope all these tutorials are helping you out. Lets learn some more together in my next entry. See you there!

Who Would of Thought Chipmunks Being out at Christmas – Piano Lesson #7

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #7

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You are about to learn:
(Santa Claus?) 🙂
Song: The Chipmunks Christmas Song

christmas hollyChipmunks are not normally the overly festive animal, but they are definitely around every Christmas singing your favourite christmas songs. The Chipmunks Christmas Song is that one song your children will grow up with and love for many years to come. Lets give them a chance to sing this song many of times while you play.

With this tutorial you will learn The Chipmunks Christmas Song in two seperate parts that are easy to learn and lots of fun. This song is so catchy I can already hear myself singing along!

The song definitely makes you think of hula hoops right away, now lets continue learning this song and who knows you might get a hula hoop for Christmas this year,

I hope you have enjoyed yourself learning that wonderful tune. The Chipmunks are surely a memory of your childhood so lets take a blast to the past and watch one of the oldest christmas cartoons you’ll always enjoy.

The Chipmunks Christmas Song will always be a wonderful memory for anyone so I’m glad you’ve taken the time to learn this wonderful song with me!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Hope that we can learn many more christmas carols together over the Holidays, until next time…

Christmas is not only Red and Green, There is Some Blue Too – Piano Lesson #6

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #6

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You are about to learn:
Elvis Presley
Song: Blue Christmas

christmas hollyThere are so many different colours of the holidays, but most people just think of the usual red and green. Well I think its time to add some blue to christmas with this wonderful melody known as Blue Christmas.

With the first video that you will watch you will be getting to learn this wondeful song on piano by a superb teacher. He will take you through the song step by step at a nice learning pace. The lesson has been split into two different parts which you will view in this article.

If you didn’t recognize the song at first this is a very popular melody done by Elvis Presley, now lets learn the song a little further with the second part of the tutorial video.

I hope you enjoyed that wonderful lesson. This song is so beautiful so of course I have included a video of it being sung by the great Elvis Presley at a live show.

Elvis Presley definitely made this song very popular over the many years. Blue Christmas will always be a classic, no matter who is playing it, especially you!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, up next will be the very amusing and great song known as The Chipmunks Christmas Song, hope to see you there!

Time to Quiet Down so We Can Have a Silent Night – Piano Lesson #5

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #5

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You are about to learn:
Joseph Mohr
Song: Silent Night

christmas hollyWould you love to sleep in heavenly peace every night? Then its time to learn Silent Night and this might just happen. This very melodic classic Christmas song has been sung by millions of people for over a century, so I know why you would want to learn how to play this song.

This lesson will give you a step by step teaching of how to play the Silent Night at the pace you will understand even if its the first song you’ve ever played.

This next video is a great variation of Silent Night that takes the song to the next level of beautiful, hope you enjoy it.

For all those Olivia Newton John fans, here she is singing Silent Night just for you! She sings this song every year and has been praised every year for how wonderfully done it is.

I hope you have enjoyed learning Silent Night and share it with many people. This song is surely a classic and will be heard for many centuries to come. Have a wonderful time playing this song, hope to see your videos soon of you playing it as well!
~Chrissi~ christmas tree

Now its time to pull out those Bells and Jingle along with the next tune we will learn together!