Who Would of Thought Chipmunks Being out at Christmas – Piano Lesson #7

Piano Lesson #7

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You are about to learn:
(Santa Claus?) 🙂
Song: The Chipmunks Christmas Song

christmas hollyChipmunks are not normally the overly festive animal, but they are definitely around every Christmas singing your favourite christmas songs. The Chipmunks Christmas Song is that one song your children will grow up with and love for many years to come. Lets give them a chance to sing this song many of times while you play.

With this tutorial you will learn The Chipmunks Christmas Song in two seperate parts that are easy to learn and lots of fun. This song is so catchy I can already hear myself singing along!

The song definitely makes you think of hula hoops right away, now lets continue learning this song and who knows you might get a hula hoop for Christmas this year,

I hope you have enjoyed yourself learning that wonderful tune. The Chipmunks are surely a memory of your childhood so lets take a blast to the past and watch one of the oldest christmas cartoons you’ll always enjoy.

The Chipmunks Christmas Song will always be a wonderful memory for anyone so I’m glad you’ve taken the time to learn this wonderful song with me!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Hope that we can learn many more christmas carols together over the Holidays, until next time…

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