The Habits of the Top Internet Marketers – Summary!

April 19, 2008

How are you doing?! 🙂

Today I am going to share with you some of the most interesting tips I’ve have read about Internet Marketing in the last couple of months.

top habits of internet marketersI’ve been deeply studying this area in the last few months, trying extrapolate the best practices from many different experts or *guru’s* such as Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver, and many others. If you don’t know them yet, you should definitely check them out, I would categorize them as: Rich Schefren, the top Internet marketing guru; Jeff Walker, the product launches expert; and Yanik Silver, the copyrighting expert. Those are good references in order to do a good benchmark for your company in those areas.

For me, most of the times it’s more intresting to study how these *gurus* actually sell their products, and what strategies do they use, even more than the actual content they sell. I am not saying that they don’t have good products- they actually have content of extremely high quality- but a lot of knowledge can be gained by just analyzing what they do to build a bigger list, and how they attract you as a customer, how they do the their product launches, and how do they write their newsletters.

However, this time, googling the Internet I was surprised by a marketing expert called Todd M. Brown.

“Starting with a small $800 investment, Todd Brown, a self-proclaimed “former knucklehead” and “one-time underachiever”, has recently, over the last 3 years created several successful mid-six-figure Internet businesses – with no additional capital investment beyond his original $800, no employees, no joint venture relationships, no technical skills, no formal business education, and certainly no extraordinary intellect.”

But- Why was I really impressed? For me it was the first time I didn’t have to look at twenty cut videos to learn something new. Todd M. Brown presented very powerful concepts and material of very high quality, from beginning to an end, without asking me for an email, nor subscription, nor anything. Even more, he wasn’t even promoting me his products, nor selling me anything.

As it’s mentioned in his website, I found in this guru to be a real transparent person, someone that is actually honest, caring, very generous, and really willing to share many of his secrets with the online community without actually selling you something. I was surprised.

I liked the videos so much, that I even made a summary and added them to my marketing notes.

I now share with you, what is for me, a very valuable summary:

  • Be a man of action: You don’t have to wait until you have a pick the perfect domain, build a perfect web-page, until you got the perfect product, until you get the perfect JV email- pitch, until you understand internet marketing perfect – cause it will NEVER happen. Instead be an action-oriented person, be a doer, be a person that learns how to implement that ideas as quickly as possible. At the end of the day it comes up to action.

You need to try and go for it, no matter how good or how bad, and get in the game, because when you get it up there it’s never going to get any worse. And it’s better to have a bad website than no website. It’s said ‘Success leaves tracks’ and it does. At the end of the day, what is left is action. Are you taking the actions you think you should or are you making excuses? Don’t over complicate it.

Are you really taking the actions every day that you think you should be taking to become a successful internet marketer or are you making excuses of why you aren’t taking those actions? (such as: it’s not good enough yet and should invest more time on them before implementing those actions).

  • Self-Discipline: Doing the things you are supposed to do, when you’re supposed to them, REGARDLESS of how you feel.

Successful people do the things that they are supposed to do regardless of how they feel.

It takes a champion, a successful-individual to do the things they are supposed to do, when they have to do, regardless of how they feel.

Suppose a person decides not to check your email in the morning. Every time he sits in the morning at his computer for the first time he’s got a choice: he can decide if in that moment does he wanna check his email – is he going to get in into that temptation? – or is he going to be disciplined enough and not check his in the morning and check it later so he can get to the actions he knows he needs to do to be successful. It’s really a choice.

Successful internet marketers, when they are supposed to send an article, check visitors-stats, or execute any other action according to business plans, they do it regardless of how they feel.

Success is a choice. You can choose to do the actions that lead success to your business or you can really choose not to. It really comes down to a choice in every day.

Every time you’re faced with the choice (do what you’re supposed to do or not), will either straighten your self-discipline or straighten your non-self-discipline.

  • Success-Consciousness: We become what we think about most.
    When we think about success we exhibit those behaviors. When you maintain a success-consciousness your performance will follow. Think and concentrate about your goals and the things that you want, and do not think about the things that you don’t want. Focus on the goals and the positive, not on the negative. Focus on the achievements of the most important goals not on how not to fail them. Believe in yourself, believe that you don’t need special skills, special knowledge, or geniuses, that with the right knowledge and understanding, if you just apply it and if you’re an action oriented, self-disciplined, and responsible-for-your-actions individual that you can do it!. Believe that and your success will sky rocket.. Make the commitment to be disciplined enough to block those thoughts (any failure related thought). They add no value and do you no good.

  • View it like a business not hobby. Set up a schedule, manage times, be disciplined. Run it like Bill Gates would run it. Are you managing your time wisely. Are you focused enough? Treat it like a business, with integrity, with honesty and always over-delivery value.

  • Over deliver value: to create an unbelievable line of following loyal customers over deliver value. Give unadvertised bonuses- and do not give just scrambled junk, give material just as good as the main course. Be a champion. So that people say : wow that’s a good person, that’s a good individual, that’s a good business owner, honest, transparent, a person with integrity, that person gives and I am going to invest an extra hundred dollars this month. They take care about their customers. Think about you can do for your customers. If you can help enough other people have what they want, you can have what you want. Give people value, over-deliver value, create trust.

I hope this becomes as useful as it was for me and that you enjoyed it!

If you liked it, I highly recommend you to check out Todd’s videos and his very interesting blog.

If you agree or disagree with any of the ideas presented here, or you would like to discuss a case study, or your own business, please place a comment here so we can all analyze it!

I’ll be working on a professional study of the latests trends of Internet marketing, so if you like this article let me know, and I’ll share more of this topics with you. ;o)

All the best! 🙂

Rod Schejtman