Piano Lessons Are Coming Back!

Hi all you piano fans,

I am happy to inform you that I will be bringing back the piano lessons again for you. I know its been quite some time since I’ve wrote a new piano lesson, but we’ve been working so hard on The Piano Encyclopedia to get it up and running for you that we haven’t put together any new piano lessons recently.

Well, you will be glad to know its time for me to sit down and bring out all those piano lessons that just need to be learn’t by you. First things first, what songs do you want to learn? What bands? Come on give me some ideas. Switch things up.

I know Coldplay was a definite hit and they seemed to get a lot of traffic so I will gladly put more of these, maybe also some older bands. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to get some suggestions so I know I am satisfying all your expectations, since that is exactly what we are here for. You want to learn new songs on the piano and I want to help you learn them, so let me know what you want and I’ll get it.

Over the past six months you’ve seen a few posts in our piano section that have been great and now we feel it is time to begin teaching you guys again. You can never know too many songs especially when you enjoy entertaining and playing the piano while everyone sits around talking.

In the past we’ve done lessons for the more recent bands, but I am thinking maybe we should include a few classical lessons, and maybe some jazz songs. I have so many ideas brewing away in my head that I think its time I let them loose on the world.

I am more then excited to be back doing the piano lessons and hope to see you guys leaving me many suggestions.



7 Responses to Piano Lessons Are Coming Back!

  1. Joan5227 says:

    When i am reading this article about Piano Lessons Are Coming Back!, don’t i think now that if i has not read this article i would have missed out on something? Don’t i think that my knowledge on Piano Lessons Are Coming Back! would have remained incomplete?

  2. Hi Joan,

    Thanks for the comment. Do you have any song’s you’d like to learn on Piano? Do you have a favorite band or song you just wish you could play… let me know!

  3. Eben Goresko says:

    I don’t know what kind of music you are aspiring to teach people to play here. Beginners need to listen to great piano performances whether it be classical, jazz. Listening and being able to hear and think music before you play a note is the basis of being able to play the piano.

  4. sfrack says:

    I haven’t seen your site before. How do you teach a lesson? I am offering virtual piano lessons on my piano education site. Is this what you do too?

  5. Hi guys,

    If you’d take a look through our Piano section you will see many different songs that have been selected that have piano tutorials included amongst them. Currently there are 21 songs included any many more will be coming.


  6. Hello,

    If you liked these tutorials you should really look into Piano Encyclopedia’s Piano Lesson Report I: Music Fundamentals which you can subscribe to at http://www.pianoencyclopedia.com/blog I not only assisted in the creation of this lesson report, but use it myself while teaching my son how to play piano. 🙂

    If you have any songs you’d like to learn just let me know I’ll gladly show you 🙂

  7. Dan the Music Master says:

    You’ve been busy. I’m a big fan of online music training/resources used as a supplement for traditional private lessons.

    Don’t work too hard. Good luck.

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