Wouldn’t You Love to Have a Field of Gold? – Piano Lesson #11

December 27, 2007

Piano Lesson #11

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You are about to learn:
Song: Fields of Gold

Throughout the many years since Sting became a musician he developed tons of great songs. The next piano lesson we will take a look at will be Fields of Gold.

With this tutorial you will get a great teaching experience from this wonderful pianist. If you are looking for a great lesson, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope that lesson assisted you with playing Fields of Gold beautifully. The song is a phenomenally catchy song that will become one of your favourite songs to play.

With this next video you will see a gentlemen playing and singing the song amazingly. There is a lot of heart placed into the song, just like Sting had done.

Now doesn’t that video give you hope on how well you will sound after some practice! There was no possible way I couldn’t include the original video done by Sting, especially for those fanatic Sting fans. Enjoy!

It would be wonderful to walk through Fields of Gold. Now is your chance to do so and take the time to practice this song. Hope this tutorial helped you learn this great song!


Up next will be some fantastic tutorials of Vanessa Carleton, if you have any requests feel free to let me know!


Melodic Teachings of Sting on Piano – Piano Lesson #1

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #1

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You are about to learn:
Song: Shape of my Heart


The heart warming voice and sweet melodies of Shape of My Heart by Sting will definitely be melting you away. This very wonderful musical creation is a great song to learn how to play on piano. Not only the original song is so sweet, but the videos that you will watch are superb and will have you in tears they are so beautiful.

Sting has written many wonderful songs in the past with amazing piano usage especially Shape of My Heart. These excellent piano lessons will help you start that warm romantic evening with your loved one.

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