Learn to play “Yellow” by Coldplay : Piano Lesson #24

August 22, 2009

Hello everyone!

This is Shohini, and I am very pleased to have joined Edutainment! Playing the piano is my hobby and although I had wanted to play the piano since I was a child, I got the chance to learn and play this glorious instrument only as recently as 2005. I love picking up songs by ear and letting my mood decide what I play!

I am sure that all you piano lovers will agree that handing control of your thoughts to your fingers as they play the piano is nothing short of beautiful! Here is an honest confession though: I have never really been very fond of reading sheet music and prefer playing by ear any day!

It feels great to be a part of The Piano Encyclopedia team and I am very excited about bringing to you new songs to try out on the piano as part of the Piano Video Tutorials column of Edutainment!

I also have very exciting news to share! After almost three years of development, and more than 50 contributors – musicians, pianists, developers, graphic designers, writers and editors from all corners of the world, the second major venture of The Piano Encyclopedia, The Logic Behind Music Digital Home Study Course is completed!

Piano enthusiasts everywhere, rejoice! The method that revolutionizes conventional piano teaching is about to be unveiled to you!

I have been personally talking with Rod (the CEO & Founder of The Piano Encyclopedia) and he has been telling me some of the high points of our Digital Home Study Course. It is a dream come true for all of us here as we look forward to presenting before you the most exciting and fun way to “tickle the ivory”!

Interactive, innovative and exhaustive, The Logic Behind Music aims to help music enthusiasts learn the theory of music in a ‘practical way’ so that they have no trouble whatsoever in composing and improvising and get a well-deserved boost on their way to becoming musicians. So if you love playing the piano and don’t want to merely “interpret” music but “create” it as well, The Logic Behind Music is perfect for you!

Do watch this space, everyone, as I will be keeping you up to date with all the “secret” and inside sneak-peek news of the launch of the Digital Home Study Course “The Logic Behind Music!

Today, I have a wonderful piano lesson for all of you –

You are about to learn:
Song: Yellow
Artist: Coldplay

Yellow strikes a hypnotically alluring note right from the first few chords. Produced by Coldplay and Nelson, Yellow released in 2000 and was the band’s first breakthrough hit. The song remains an eternal favourite among Coldplay fans even nine years after its original release.

Hauntingly beautiful, it is one of those songs that you simply cannot stop humming once you hear it! In fact, Yellow is one of my all-time favourite songs! The background music in the original song is mostly acoustic guitar, however, a song as melodious as Yellow can’t possibly sound anything but good on piano, can it?

The first video here is a tutorial that shows you how to play the song by slowly showing each note with the accompanying chords. If you are just starting out with the song then getting the notes right is very important so you can learn the right notes to play from this video and then listen to the actual song to get the tempo right.

The next video is an amazing piano rendition by Adrian Lee who has played this entirely by ear. You can see the notes and chords that he has played quite clearly. How we all wish we were this good, right?

Now let me tell you a little about the original song video. The band had come up with the idea to film the video in a happy, sunny background with moving stars in the sky – an allusion to the lyrics. Yet, the weather played spoilsport with Studland Bay, where the video was filmed, being held hostage by howling winds and rain. Right then, let us have a look at the video itself!

Enjoy yourselves while learning to play this, and remember to:
“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And all the things you do”

I hope you liked this piano lesson!

If you would like to take your piano playing skills to the next level so that you can easily play all the songs you love on the piano, do look forward to the launch of The Logic Behind Music! I promise you that you will have even more fun creating your own music following our approach towards learning music!

Till then,
~ Shohini 🙂

Now we have a new fun feature as part of the run-up to the release of The Logic Behind Music.

I will be asking trivia questions regarding the song taught in each post and all of you are invited to submit the answer in the comment box. In a particular quiz, the first person to give the right answer will be the winner. We are also going to have weekly “merit lists” where I will mention the winners with the most number of correct answers in this very column!

Sounds exciting, right? So are you ready for today’s question? Here it goes!

What, according to the band is the theme of the song, Yellow?
(Answer: “Yellow refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion” and also Chris Martin’s unrequited love.)


All Those Chatter boxes! – Piano Lesson #20

January 15, 2008

Piano Lesson #20

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You are about to learn:
Song: Talk

Many people say they Talk too much, but there is no possible way you could possibly Talk about Coldplay too much. Throughout this video you will experience a tutorial where you will watch all the keys being played by a young gentlemen, then a special surprise has been included into this blog. I hope you enjoy!

For the tutorial you will have a little more interpretation then previous tutorials I’ve done, but you will still understand everything that will be occurring. Lets take a look,

Now its time to take part in the special treat I have prepared for you. In the next video you will get the joy of watching Coldplay play Talk live at the 2006 Grammy’s. Would of been one of the most exciting bands to ever see live. Time to get up and dance!

Now that we’ve both sat here and enjoyed watching Coldplay play at the 2006 Grammy’s, I think it is time we get a look at their official video for Talk.

I hope you’ve learn’t as much as I have from this tutorial and hope you enjoyed watching them live! Until next time…


Up next will be a few more tutorials for various bands, keep checking back for more and more updates. Don’t forget to place some requests so I can satisfy your learning needs.


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Faster then the Speed of Light – Piano Lesson #19

January 13, 2008

Piano Lesson #19

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You are about to learn:
Song: Speed of Sound

It is now time to head back into the Speed of Sound and learn this song a little slower then the actual Speed of Sound. In this piano tutorial you will get a great tutorial explaining how to play this wonderful Coldplay song. The teacher has an on screen piano which displays nicely of what you are suppose to be playing. Hope this tutorial will help.

With this next video you will get an easy attempt at this melodic blessing done by a great pianist. He will take you through the song at a wonderful pace that will definitely help you put the song together.

When you’ve gone through and played along with both of the tutorials there is no doubt you are getting the hang of Speed of Sound. Now that we have taken the time to learn another one of their phenomenal songs I think its time we here the guys themselves play Speed of Sound, enjoy!

That voice will just have anyone mesmorized. Hopefully you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have, hope to see you in the near future taking on further up coming tutorials!


Up next will definitely get you talking, can’t wait to see you there!


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Scientific Studies has Shown… – Piano Lesson #14

January 1, 2008

Piano Lesson #14

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You are about to learn:
Song: The Scientist

That the wonderous band Coldplay has written a superb song known as The Scientist. There is a fair amount of symphonic tunes done by this group, but The Scientist is one of the best! Throughout this article you will get a fantastic piano tutorial showing you necessary keys to play along with a great explanation of the notes. Now that we’ve gone through and taken the time to learn The Scientist, I think its time we watch a young gentlemen play the song on piano with a fascinating display of camera angles.

The song is so genuine you will want to play it for many years to come, and now you can. There is one last video which is now going to be the actual video footage by Coldplay, enjoy!

Coldplay can seem like a very difficult band to learn on piano, but once you practice The Scientist will become something quite easy. I hope I have assisted you in the teachings of another great song by Coldplay.


Up next will be some more wonderful piano teachings of Coldplay and Vanessa Carlton, hope to see you there.


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Time to Get into Trouble – Piano Lesson #13

December 31, 2007

Piano Lesson #13

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You are about to learn:
Song: Trouble

There are many ways to get into Trouble, but learning this wonderful song by Coldplay will surely keep you out of Trouble. Throughout this blog you will get a great feel of this melodic song that will have you coming back for more.

With the first piano tutorial you will get a very in depth approach to the teachings of the song. He shows you views of the piano scripts as well as himself playing the song, this is a great assistance especially if you are familiar with piano script. Lets take a look,

Now that we’ve gone in depth with the first lesson, lets simple it down a little and get another view of how this song is played,

Hopefully those tutorials assisted you in learning this well thought out song. Now its time to play this next video and play along with Coldplay yourself, you’ll be amazing!

Now that we’ve sat and enjoyed Trouble together I think its time to continue on practicing and submit some videos for me to see your progress!


Up next will be many more tutorials of your likings, submit those requests so I can fulfill your learning needs!

Learn to Play Coldplay in Piano

February 10, 2007

So well, Coldplay is traveling around the world, and now it’s in Argentina (it’s a pity that I couldn’t get tickets yet since they are sold out!)

Those sweet melodies and harmonies, they transmit feelings that transport you to other worlds…

I bet I am not the only one who thinks like this, so here I am sharing with you, an excellent online lesson on how to play Clocks’ Coldplay on Piano! It’s explained really clear and it’s intresting to note how the genius composers of Coldplay use resources like mirror melodies and harmony, like we can find easily in Bach’s contrapunct, and in parts of musical pieces of almost all composers of music.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:


From Argentina,


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