Piano Lesson #22 – Apologize by One Republic

Piano Lesson #22

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You are about to learn:
One Republic
Song: Apologize

This is an amazing song that has become quite popular all over the American radio broadcasts with the help from Timbaland. One Republic was a band that not many knew about in various parts of the world, but now everyone is seeming to rave about them.

With the popularity of the song Apologize I thought it would be a great idea to teach everyone how to play this beautifully melodic song. If you haven’t heard this song before I highly recommend you listen to it. Here is a link to a video of this song so you can truly hear what I mean about this song being one of the best. This is the version that includes Timbaland because I feel this version gives you a better feel of the piano and emotional portrayal that it is trying to give its listeners.

I can truly say I myself can be caught singing this song any time I hear it and have downloaded & purchased the One Republic CD just so I can listen to it whenever I want. When you listen to this song the wording with the inclusion of the many different instruments such as the cello and violins just makes the song feel even more put together then most you hear on the top 100 music hits lists now a days.

The following video is an actual tutorial on how to play Apologize that has been done by a gentlemen I’ve used for previous tutorials in our piano sections. He does amazing lessons, so experience it yourself and learn how to play Apologize with his assistance. He makes every second the best learning experience ever.

Now that you’ve taken the time to watch and learn this song I’d like to congratulate you with the entire song put together so you can play along with someone else. I feel this will not only help you get more comfortable with the song, but it can greatly assist you with putting everything together for you to fall in love with this song like I have.

I really hoped you enjoyed this song as much as I have. I am now going to probably listen to this song the rest of the day. Thank you One Republic for producing a song that has truly made my heart feel alive and thriving. Your song will bring tears to peoples eyes for many years it is so amazing.

If you guys have any requests, questions, etc… please feel free to ask me. I will gladly answer and fulfill all your needs and expectations.


Coming up soon will be a treat of newer songs coming from Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and many more.


4 Responses to Piano Lesson #22 – Apologize by One Republic

  1. Samzy says:

    hey man great teaching
    i was wondering if you could make a video on how to play The Reason by Hoobstank
    Check it out

    and keep up the great work dude


  2. I really enjoyed this and hope to see more soon.

  3. Thanks for your posts everyone. Samzy I will look into The Reason by Hoobstank.

    Glad to see everyone’s enjoying these and hopefully in the near future we’ll have many more coming. Been very busy past few months with Piano Encyclopedia and all its changes. Should go take a look, it’s amazing!

  4. But he who loveliness within Hath found, all outward loathes, For he who color loves, and skin, Loves but their oldest clothes….

    Batter my heart, three person”s God, for, you As yet but knock….

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