Christmas is not only Red and Green, There is Some Blue Too – Piano Lesson #6

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #6

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You are about to learn:
Elvis Presley
Song: Blue Christmas

christmas hollyThere are so many different colours of the holidays, but most people just think of the usual red and green. Well I think its time to add some blue to christmas with this wonderful melody known as Blue Christmas.

With the first video that you will watch you will be getting to learn this wondeful song on piano by a superb teacher. He will take you through the song step by step at a nice learning pace. The lesson has been split into two different parts which you will view in this article.

If you didn’t recognize the song at first this is a very popular melody done by Elvis Presley, now lets learn the song a little further with the second part of the tutorial video.

I hope you enjoyed that wonderful lesson. This song is so beautiful so of course I have included a video of it being sung by the great Elvis Presley at a live show.

Elvis Presley definitely made this song very popular over the many years. Blue Christmas will always be a classic, no matter who is playing it, especially you!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, up next will be the very amusing and great song known as The Chipmunks Christmas Song, hope to see you there!