The New Piano Tutorial’s Section is Here! On Edutainment!!!

Piano PresentsHi everybody! 🙂

I have such good news for everyone! Specially for this Christmas eve and upcoming holidays! 🙂

We’re are building a completely FREE New Piano Tutorial’s Section so that you’ll be able to learn how to play your favorite songs!!!

Yes! But before I jump into details let me present you the new member of the Edutainment Team: Chrissi.

She is a pianist and musician and you’ll fall in love with the way she writes! 🙂

And here is some great news for you, Chrissi has prepared a very nice present for all of us.

She is going to teach us how play Christmas songs on piano -special for this Holidays!!! Videos included- so that you can learn all the chords and all those beautiful jingle-bell melodies just in your computer!!!

Yeah! And that’s just the beginning, in the following lessons past Christmas she is going to show us how to play all our favorite songs. And if that’s not enough, you’ll even be able to tell us all the songs you like so that we can add new tutorials!

Piano lessons cat

Trust me, the lessons are so great that even Panda (the cat) will learn how to play for real ;o)

However, enough of me talking and presenting the new section, let’s hear from Chrissi herself. She told she wanted to write something for all of you: 🙂

Hello Edutainment,

My name is Christine but you can call me Chrissi. I am pleased to be apart of the Edutainment team and hope to get a lot of feed back from you. I am a Mom of two children, a boy Owyn, and a girl Sophie. I love to write as you can tell with the amount of articles that I will be posting for you. I’ve written for many years and have made writing my career since I had my kids. Music is also one of my favourite things to do. I have the ability to play trombone, clarinet, bass guitar, piano, and of course the Guitar Hero guitar!

I’ve grown in Ontario, Canada and will probably never leave. I love snow too much to leave this beautiful country.

I can’t wait to get to know all you fellow fans of the Edutainment blog and if you ever want me to do an article on a musical group you love just let me know I’ll be more then pleased to please my fans.

Let’s all give a WARM WELCOME to CHRISSI to Edutainment!!!!!!!

We’ll keep posting about diverse topics, but…

If you want to link to new Piano Tutorials Section use this link:

Stay in touch and tell us what you think about this initiative!,




Current Piano Lessons / Tutorials’ Featured Artists:


3 Responses to The New Piano Tutorial’s Section is Here! On Edutainment!!!

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