Can you play piano… like them?!

September 27, 2007

Hi Everyone!

I had so much fun watching the following videos that I am writing this post! 🙂
Today we are going to enjoy some odd videos on piano playing!

  • A guy who plays piano with “his balls”
    (…don’t misunderstand me! … especially dirty-minded people…)
  • Two guys who play the piano with their “sticks”
    (…yes.. now DO misunderstand me! dirty-minded.. you are now on the right track… haha)
  • A cat that plays a concert piano with his paws following other instruments with correct rythem!
    (… well “correct” rythem for cat.. don’t expect a “Gould Cat”! So innocent and cute!)

It seems playing piano is easier than we though, isn’t it?

Check out these great videos to probe it.. haha
… and then tell me about it!

Learn to play piano with your own balls!

Learn to play piano with your (sexy?) ‘stick’! (I am sure you didn’t know it also has some peculiar other uses! although reserved for the skilled ones.. haha)

Make your cat teach you piano! (Not even Garfield can do this!)
…and I know you want to see more of this cutie. Here again, in concert II:

I hope you had a good laugh!

What do you think about them!!!? haha 😉

(and please do not confess you tried replicating video No 2… haha)



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Will Google destroy Microsoft?

September 3, 2007

Who thought Google was ever going to get into the gaming industry… and even challange the all mighty Microsoft Flight Simulator?

What I am going to tell you next, is just a hint -the peak of the iceberg- of what Google can do combining some of it’s technologies.

Imagine a Flight Simulator that lets you travel across the real Earth… fly over the Statue of Liberty, swirl around the Great Wall of China, visit The Pyramids, and then… even land next to your 3D home apartment. Sounds surreal?

Well, now Google is giving us a taste of what may come next… hidden in your own installed version of Google Earth!

Users feel this like a dream come true… however, developers and competitors are beginning to delve into an nightmare wandering how long the ‘monster’ Google will take to get away with their rapacious plans…

I offer you the following secret unraveled by our friends from TechCrunch:

We’ve always known that Google has wanted to challenge Microsoft’s desktop dominance in a number of areas, but to date we didn’t know that extended to gaming.

Hidden inside Google Earth is a secret Flight Simulator that takes full advantage of Google’s extensive satellite imagery.

To access the hidden feature, open Google Earth and hit Command+Option+A (note it must be capital A) or Ctrl+Alt+A if you’re using a Windows Machine.

The Google Earth Flight Simulator comes with two aircraft options, a F16 Viper and the more manageable SR22 4 seater. Players have the option of commencing the game from their current location in Google Earth or can pick from a list of pre-determined runways.

Overall the game play is fairly simple in terms of control, but the striking difference is flying over real pictures of locations. I took a quick flight from San Francisco International, headed North to the Golden Gate then turn back over the city before heading towards the Valley. It wasn’t perfect, but it was as good visually as the paid Microsoft Flight Simulator, and in terms of actually presenting real objects it was better.



Useful Shortcuts:

  Exit flight simulator Ctrl + Alt + A, Escape
  Open flight simulator options Ctrl + Alt + A
  Display flight simulator help Ctrl + H
  Increase thrust Page Up
  Reduce thrust Page Down
  Toggle HUD H
  Pause simulation Space

More details can be found here.

Tips to make it work:

– Ctrl+Alt+A on PC.

-Command+Option+A (note it must be capital A) on a Mac.

-“Make sure you’re focused on the main window or the shortcut doesn’t seem to work. ”

-“Very happy that this actually works… you have to wait about 2 minutes before it does.”

-“Works on Mac”

Remember to tell me about your voyages across the Earth!
Special prize for anyone that can get through the Golden Gate!

Cheers and Enjoy!

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