Can you play piano… like them?!

Hi Everyone!

I had so much fun watching the following videos that I am writing this post! 🙂
Today we are going to enjoy some odd videos on piano playing!

  • A guy who plays piano with “his balls”
    (…don’t misunderstand me! … especially dirty-minded people…)
  • Two guys who play the piano with their “sticks”
    (…yes.. now DO misunderstand me! dirty-minded.. you are now on the right track… haha)
  • A cat that plays a concert piano with his paws following other instruments with correct rythem!
    (… well “correct” rythem for cat.. don’t expect a “Gould Cat”! So innocent and cute!)

It seems playing piano is easier than we though, isn’t it?

Check out these great videos to probe it.. haha
… and then tell me about it!

Learn to play piano with your own balls!

Learn to play piano with your (sexy?) ‘stick’! (I am sure you didn’t know it also has some peculiar other uses! although reserved for the skilled ones.. haha)

Make your cat teach you piano! (Not even Garfield can do this!)
…and I know you want to see more of this cutie. Here again, in concert II:

I hope you had a good laugh!

What do you think about them!!!? haha 😉

(and please do not confess you tried replicating video No 2… haha)



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7 Responses to Can you play piano… like them?!

  1. Bob says:

    Great vids!

  2. Questor says:

    Hi Bob!!!
    Yes I couldn’t stop laughing after looking at this videos!!! haha
    Who do you think is the greatest “pianist”?!
    I think’d give my votes to the cat.. haha


  3. Bob says:

    Yes, the cat is quite a talent. Vid 2 grossed me out though… *shudder*

  4. Questor says:

    hahahah…. yeah me too.. although it’s quite funny! I am not sure most people cna do that… haha … Although seriously that’s totally impossible (or unless they took like 5 viagras before ‘concert’). Seems like a playback surely! haha

  5. Questor says:

    It seems the cat was born in a piano teacher’s house… that explains some of his ability, although he’s got some nice rythem! It seems like if he/she really feels the music!

  6. Daniel the Music Master says:

    Cats and pianos seem to be a reoccuring theme. Cute videos.

  7. Questor says:

    Hi Daniel! I can’t agree more.. the cat is so cute! 🙂

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