Time to Get into Trouble – Piano Lesson #13

December 31, 2007

Piano Lesson #13

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You are about to learn:
Song: Trouble

There are many ways to get into Trouble, but learning this wonderful song by Coldplay will surely keep you out of Trouble. Throughout this blog you will get a great feel of this melodic song that will have you coming back for more.

With the first piano tutorial you will get a very in depth approach to the teachings of the song. He shows you views of the piano scripts as well as himself playing the song, this is a great assistance especially if you are familiar with piano script. Lets take a look,

Now that we’ve gone in depth with the first lesson, lets simple it down a little and get another view of how this song is played,

Hopefully those tutorials assisted you in learning this well thought out song. Now its time to play this next video and play along with Coldplay yourself, you’ll be amazing!

Now that we’ve sat and enjoyed Trouble together I think its time to continue on practicing and submit some videos for me to see your progress!


Up next will be many more tutorials of your likings, submit those requests so I can fulfill your learning needs!


Everyone Thinks a Baby is Pretty – Piano Lesson #12

December 29, 2007

Piano Lesson #12

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You are about to learn:
Vanessa Carlton
Song: Pretty Baby

There are many great musicians out in the world today, but none like Vanessa Carlton. This young lady has a beautifully harmonic voice to go along with her superb piano playing. Every single one of her songs includes a well played piano part, so its time we get on the band wagon and learn some too.

This piano tutorial includes the very popular song known as Pretty Baby. The piano tutorial has been split into two separate parts to assist in easier learning. The teacher that you will have today is a phenomenal young lady who does amazing piano teachings verse by verse.

Hope that helped you a little, now lets include the left hand to put this wonderful song together.

I hope she helped you as much as me, especially if you are a huge fan of Vanessa Carlton. Now its time to put this piano lesson together and play along with Vanessa yourself with her own music video. Have fun!

Now this song will surely have you singing along while you play. The piano tutorial and song put together will help you learn no matter what, especially if you are very familiar with Vanessa Carltons music. The song definitely suits its name because this song is Pretty Baby!


Up next will be some more wonderful songs Piano tutorials based on Vanessa Carlton, if you have any requests feel free to let me know!