Rihanna’s-Take a Bow: Piano Lesson #23

Piano Lesson #23

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You are about to learn:
Song: Take a Bow

Rihanna fan or not, Take a Bow was beautifully composed and written by Neyo and the production team Stargate.

Released in 2008, Rihanna’s single has risen to the top. Men lovers worldwide enjoy this song…there is just something about the sarcastic singer croning to her boyfriend that his “performance” was an Oscar winner. 🙂 Enjoy this first performance of mysterious hands showing us the keystrokes to the ballad Take a Bow.

David Sides does a beautiful rendition in the next youtube video. All is not lost when it comes to the material that can be found on the internet…parental supervision not required : ).

Now, this blog would be incomplete without a video of Hanson performing Mmm Bop. I mean Rihanna performing Take a Bow (very similiar songs, so you can see my initial confusion). Enjoy:

Ahhh yes, handsome guy and a stunning gal (not me…Rihanna) almost always make for a good video. Take a Bow is a wonderful ballad, and I wish you a great deal of fun while you take the time to learn how to play this song.


xoxo Sheena


6 Responses to Rihanna’s-Take a Bow: Piano Lesson #23

  1. Rudolf says:

    Hi Sheena!
    Thanks for this awesome new tutoria!
    Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. shamyri says:

    do you know i am 9 years old and i whant to learn how to play on the keyboard i know the finger spaces but i what to know how to play take a bow can you send me a page on my yahoo plese send back lol see you later 🙂

  3. julia says:

    I´ve got a question. :
    has anybody the cord or sth. like that?

  4. Dorie Kofler says:

    awesome thank you creating this kind of

  5. john says:

    I like this, nice lesson 🙂

  6. drawing book pdf…

    […]Rihanna’s-Take a Bow: Piano Lesson #23 « Edutainment – Piano Tutorials[…]…

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