Rihanna’s-Take a Bow: Piano Lesson #23

December 1, 2008
Piano Lesson #23

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You are about to learn:
Song: Take a Bow

Rihanna fan or not, Take a Bow was beautifully composed and written by Neyo and the production team Stargate.

Released in 2008, Rihanna’s single has risen to the top. Men lovers worldwide enjoy this song…there is just something about the sarcastic singer croning to her boyfriend that his “performance” was an Oscar winner. 🙂 Enjoy this first performance of mysterious hands showing us the keystrokes to the ballad Take a Bow.

David Sides does a beautiful rendition in the next youtube video. All is not lost when it comes to the material that can be found on the internet…parental supervision not required : ).

Now, this blog would be incomplete without a video of Hanson performing Mmm Bop. I mean Rihanna performing Take a Bow (very similiar songs, so you can see my initial confusion). Enjoy:

Ahhh yes, handsome guy and a stunning gal (not me…Rihanna) almost always make for a good video. Take a Bow is a wonderful ballad, and I wish you a great deal of fun while you take the time to learn how to play this song.


xoxo Sheena


Scientific Studies has Shown… – Piano Lesson #14

January 1, 2008

Piano Lesson #14

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You are about to learn:
Song: The Scientist

That the wonderous band Coldplay has written a superb song known as The Scientist. There is a fair amount of symphonic tunes done by this group, but The Scientist is one of the best! Throughout this article you will get a fantastic piano tutorial showing you necessary keys to play along with a great explanation of the notes. Now that we’ve gone through and taken the time to learn The Scientist, I think its time we watch a young gentlemen play the song on piano with a fascinating display of camera angles.

The song is so genuine you will want to play it for many years to come, and now you can. There is one last video which is now going to be the actual video footage by Coldplay, enjoy!

Coldplay can seem like a very difficult band to learn on piano, but once you practice The Scientist will become something quite easy. I hope I have assisted you in the teachings of another great song by Coldplay.


Up next will be some more wonderful piano teachings of Coldplay and Vanessa Carlton, hope to see you there.


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Time to Get into Trouble – Piano Lesson #13

December 31, 2007

Piano Lesson #13

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You are about to learn:
Song: Trouble

There are many ways to get into Trouble, but learning this wonderful song by Coldplay will surely keep you out of Trouble. Throughout this blog you will get a great feel of this melodic song that will have you coming back for more.

With the first piano tutorial you will get a very in depth approach to the teachings of the song. He shows you views of the piano scripts as well as himself playing the song, this is a great assistance especially if you are familiar with piano script. Lets take a look,

Now that we’ve gone in depth with the first lesson, lets simple it down a little and get another view of how this song is played,

Hopefully those tutorials assisted you in learning this well thought out song. Now its time to play this next video and play along with Coldplay yourself, you’ll be amazing!

Now that we’ve sat and enjoyed Trouble together I think its time to continue on practicing and submit some videos for me to see your progress!


Up next will be many more tutorials of your likings, submit those requests so I can fulfill your learning needs!

A True Christmas Classic – Piano Lesson #9

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #9

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You are about to learn:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Song: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

christmas hollyA Christmas song that many won’t know from the title, but once they hear it they will fall in love with the fantastic melodies. The tutorial for Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring has been split into three tutorial videos. This song is so beautiful once you have completed it you will never stop playing.

The gentlemen teaching this tutorial does an amazing job at every tutorial and no matter what you will be able to play this song with just a little practice. Have fun!

Now that you’ve completed part one lets start the next step, your soon going to be playing like a pro!

This is getting easier now isn’t it? Now lets do the last tutorial together and see how wonderful this turns out,

That is the most beautiful Christmas song ever. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire is so phenomenal and well composed I think its time you listen to these amazing women from the group Celtic Woman sing this song from their hearts, enjoy!

We’ve officially completed the tutorial for Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire. I hope this song is a great hit at your christmas gatherings.

~Chrissi~christmas tree

Now that we’ve learnt another amazing song together I think its time we get going on another, hope to see you there. Don’t forget, if you have a song you would like to see on Edutainment just leave some feedback, I will gladly put it on for you!

Time to Quiet Down so We Can Have a Silent Night – Piano Lesson #5

December 22, 2007

Piano Lesson #5

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You are about to learn:
Joseph Mohr
Song: Silent Night

christmas hollyWould you love to sleep in heavenly peace every night? Then its time to learn Silent Night and this might just happen. This very melodic classic Christmas song has been sung by millions of people for over a century, so I know why you would want to learn how to play this song.

This lesson will give you a step by step teaching of how to play the Silent Night at the pace you will understand even if its the first song you’ve ever played.

This next video is a great variation of Silent Night that takes the song to the next level of beautiful, hope you enjoy it.

For all those Olivia Newton John fans, here she is singing Silent Night just for you! She sings this song every year and has been praised every year for how wonderfully done it is.

I hope you have enjoyed learning Silent Night and share it with many people. This song is surely a classic and will be heard for many centuries to come. Have a wonderful time playing this song, hope to see your videos soon of you playing it as well!
~Chrissi~ christmas tree

Now its time to pull out those Bells and Jingle along with the next tune we will learn together!