Scientific Studies has Shown… – Piano Lesson #14

Piano Lesson #14

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You are about to learn:
Song: The Scientist

That the wonderous band Coldplay has written a superb song known as The Scientist. There is a fair amount of symphonic tunes done by this group, but The Scientist is one of the best! Throughout this article you will get a fantastic piano tutorial showing you necessary keys to play along with a great explanation of the notes. Now that we’ve gone through and taken the time to learn The Scientist, I think its time we watch a young gentlemen play the song on piano with a fascinating display of camera angles.

The song is so genuine you will want to play it for many years to come, and now you can. There is one last video which is now going to be the actual video footage by Coldplay, enjoy!

Coldplay can seem like a very difficult band to learn on piano, but once you practice The Scientist will become something quite easy. I hope I have assisted you in the teachings of another great song by Coldplay.


Up next will be some more wonderful piano teachings of Coldplay and Vanessa Carlton, hope to see you there.


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