Time to Quiet Down so We Can Have a Silent Night – Piano Lesson #5

Piano Lesson #5

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You are about to learn:
Joseph Mohr
Song: Silent Night

christmas hollyWould you love to sleep in heavenly peace every night? Then its time to learn Silent Night and this might just happen. This very melodic classic Christmas song has been sung by millions of people for over a century, so I know why you would want to learn how to play this song.

This lesson will give you a step by step teaching of how to play the Silent Night at the pace you will understand even if its the first song you’ve ever played.

This next video is a great variation of Silent Night that takes the song to the next level of beautiful, hope you enjoy it.

For all those Olivia Newton John fans, here she is singing Silent Night just for you! She sings this song every year and has been praised every year for how wonderfully done it is.

I hope you have enjoyed learning Silent Night and share it with many people. This song is surely a classic and will be heard for many centuries to come. Have a wonderful time playing this song, hope to see your videos soon of you playing it as well!
~Chrissi~ christmas tree

Now its time to pull out those Bells and Jingle along with the next tune we will learn together!

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