Christmas Time means Piano Time! – Piano Lesson #8

Piano Lesson #8

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You are about to learn:
Vince Guaraldi (from A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Song: Christmas Time is Here

christmas hollyChristmas Time is Here so its time to be full of christmas cheer. This beautiful song will fill your mind with beautiful memories of opening presents under the tree singing along to all the christmas carols playing in the background. Christmas is the time of your you sit and watch all your favourite Christmas cartoons, and Christmas Time is Here definitely made it on to the most popular Christmas cartoon ever, Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

In this tutorial you will be taught how to play this wonderful song by an amazing pianist who has done this tutorial phenomenally. Hope he helps you learn this fantastic song and gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Well now that we’ve learnt the song I think its time to watch a great video creation that will display Christmas Time is Here beautifully. Enjoy!

Now most of you are probably thinking, where is Charlie Brown? Well its time to get excited because this next video will be the excerpt from the great Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Get your piano ready and play along!

Vince Guaraldi did an amazing job at composing that ever so peaceful melody. I’m hoping to hear you play too! Christmas Time is Here now let’s get that piano going and play me a tune!

~Chrissi~christmas tree

I hope all these tutorials are helping you out. Lets learn some more together in my next entry. See you there!


3 Responses to Christmas Time means Piano Time! – Piano Lesson #8

  1. The amazing Vince Guaraldi holds a soft spot in my heart. As a composer, I marvel at how effective and effortless his music sounds. Thanks for the post.

  2. christineculley86 says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I for one love this song myself. I wish Christmas songs were played all year long. Thank you for taking the time to read my articles, hope you’ve enjoyed them. If you ever have a request for a piano tutorial of any song let me know. I’d love to keep the fans of this site happy!

  3. My journeys throuhout the Internet have lead me to this conlcusion: you cannot teach people about something they currently understand; that is to state, if somenody has their mind made up a given topic, you can not persuade them otherwise. It would serve the purpose if individuals would learn more useful materials such as this blog. Reciting a procedure without a metrics, this article gets a consentaneous satisfactory. Numerous thanks to the author for sharing their thoughts.

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