Of Course Christmas has a Song – Piano Lesson #10

Piano Lesson #10

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You are about to learn:
Mel Torme and Robert Wells
Song: The Christmas Song

christmas hollyChristmas has its own song of course that you will hear thousands of times over the month of December. Now its time for you to learn The Christmas Song. The words of the song definitely are what every young child will experience during Christmas, and hopefully you will to.

The tutorial has been split into two parts which will allow you to get a feel of the separate parts. Lets begin this tutorial with part one which has been done with great instructions and playing by the pianist teaching you.

Now that we’ve completed part one, lets take on the rest of the song and put it all together. Are you ready?

The song sounds so amazing when you put it together, especially when you add vocals along with it. In the next video you will listen and watch the amazing group Celtic Woman sing this carol for you, enjoy!

Well, it looks like you have mastered The Christmas Song, I hope this tutorial has helped you in many ways and got you more into the spirit while playing. There is no Christmas tune that won’t get you singing, especially this one.

~Chrissi~christmas tree

I hope I’ve helped you prepare for the holidays with this beautiful song. I hope you come back to learn many more that are soon to come!

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