Only You Can Be on Your Best Behaviour – Piano Lesson #18

Piano Lesson #18

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You are about to learn:
Vanessa Carlton
Song: Best Behaviour or Only You

Now it is time to take on the piano tutorial for Best Behaviour or Only You which has been written by Vanessa Carlton. There is so much to this song that it has been split into two different tutorials to assist in your learning. Once you get playing though you will get the hang of things quite quickly.

Its time to start the piano tutorial, the first part will explain the keys you will be using and what you will do with them. Take your time, you will get the hang of things eventually.

This first lesson was very helpful in the playing of Best Bahaviour or Only You, now I hope this second video tutorial will be even more helpful. Enjoy,

When you put the two videos together after a bit of practice with each then you will soon be getting the song down. Now that we’ve completed these piano tutorials its time to take a break and watch the song all put together by a wonderful pianist. Sadly this song never made it onto Vanessa’s newest album so there hasn’t been a video created for it. Hope you enjoy watching this pianist play the song, quite fascinating.

Now that you’ve gone through the tutorials and watched someone else play the song I hope that gives you enough hope to put this piano tutorial to great use.


Up next will be some more wonderful songs from Coldplay, if you have any requests just let me know and I will get them done for you!

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