There are Many Fools, especially Me – Piano Lesson #17

Piano Lesson #17

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You are about to learn:
Vanessa Carlton
Song: Fools Like Me

You are now going to take part in the piano tutorial for Fools Like Me by Vanessa Carlton which is just as well done as all her previous songs. The person doing this tutorial has done many tutorials by Vanessa Carlton and has done every single one very well. For this tutorial it has been split into two separate parts allowing you to get a feel of the different parts you will be expected to play. Lets begin with part one,

The first part of the tutorial did phenomenal explanation of many parts of the script for Fools Like Me, next we will go through the second part which has been done by the same teacher as the first part,

The tutorial put together is very well once you get the hang of things. To assist with putting the song all together for you we are now going to watch Vanessa Carlton playing the song herself live in concert. Turn your computer up and get ready to play along.

Vanessa Carlton plays the song so amazingly, now just practice and you will soon sound just like her! Hope this piano tutorial helped you learn Fools Like Me with no complications.


Coming up will be a few more piano tutorials of Vanessa Carleton and some Coldplay, if you have any requests let me know I would love to fulfill your requests.


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2 Responses to There are Many Fools, especially Me – Piano Lesson #17

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    Please help!!!!!

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