Lets Get Ready to Jingle Those Bells Ladies and Gents! – Piano Lesson #4

Piano Lesson #4

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You are about to learn:
James Pierpoint
Song: Jingle Bells

christmas hollyJingle Bells it is an all time classic for all ages. You’ll remember playing this song in your first grade class jingling that loop of bells happy to be on stage. Now its time to learn how to play in on the piano and enjoy Jingle Bells like you use too.

With this lesson video you will get the true feel of the song with the phenomenal lesson that has been designed just for you. This video will teach you the chorus of Jingle Bells by one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.

Now lets take on the second lesson teaching you the verse for Jingle Bells so we can put the rest of the song together and start singing!

Since you have worked so hard at learning this song, here is a wonderful treat of Diana Krall singing with the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. Such a beautiful arrangement!

Hope you are enjoying all these great Christmas tunes and playing them none stop. Jingle Bells will definitely have you in the mood for Christmas now!

~Chrissi~Christmas tree

Coming soon, its time to learn a song made even more famous by Elvis Presley, Blue Christmas can’t wait to see you there!


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