Struggling drawing eyes? Anime and Realistic Eyes Overview

Hi there!

For those of you that have enjoyed the realistic eye drawing tutorial but still want more, here is some! 😉

Some general tips when drawing an eye that are recommended to follow:

1) First of all study the components of an eye, not only eyelashes, lids, etc, but also which light glares and shadows compose a common eye. Usually the number of light glares reflected in the pupil are relationed to the number of light sources in the scene




2) Let’s draw with some basic tips!

  • a) Start by drawing the basic shape of the eye. It’s most important to get the right proportions as that is what the defines a good or bad looking eye.
  • b) Draw the eyelids using a thicker line for the upper eyelids a thiner line for the lower eyelids.
  • c) Add some light glares in the pupils.
  • d) Draw the pupil and dark shadow in the upper part of the iris.
  • e) Draw a thin wrinkle over the upper eyelid and the draw the eyelashes.
  • f) You can then remove all pencil lines with an eraser and ink the final version with a thin marker. If you are planning in coloring the eye, you can tone the iris, but always keep the light glares in white!!!
  • g) I recommend you always draw the light glares first, as suggested, because if not you may forget about them after shading the pupil (too late! 🙂 )

Now we’ll see some examples of our colleges!

Manga Style 1:

Realistic Style 1:

Realistic Style 2:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and the videos!!! 😉



5 Responses to Struggling drawing eyes? Anime and Realistic Eyes Overview

  1. Richard says:

    The two Realistic styles turned out completely phenomenal! I wish I could draw like that… =( I especially admire the skill used in creating the eyes on the first video because it was done completely on the computer. Whoever made those eyes, Keep up the good work. You have inspired me to work on my style and perfect my eyes. Thank you

  2. Questor says:

    Hi Richard!
    I loved the drawings too! I am glad you enjoyed them!
    I you liked the one done on the computer, check out this one:

    It’s one of my absolute favorites!!!
    I’ll keep practicing too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, can you do a video describing the detail in the eye. I can draw everything else perfectly, it’s the detail in the eye that screws my whole drawing. Thanks.

    PS: I love your drawings!

  4. Anonymous #2 says:

    Hey I loved the one on the computer it was awesome and it really helped. My sister is writing a book and she’s almost finished with the first one. It’s about 640 pages long so far and she wants me to be the illustrator. So I have a lot of practicing and hard work ahead of me so thanks for the help!!!!!

  5. frankie says:

    i am jealous for 2 reasons,
    1 – i wish i could draw like that
    2- i wish i had eyes like that!!!

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