Save me from my toddler!!!!!!

Our friends at give us some advice on How to handle a strong-willed toddler

Got yourself a strong-willed toddler? Parenting Hacks suggests that you tell ’em what to do, rather than what NOT to do:Instead, we’ve started to tell her what TO DO. For instance, when she’s about to pick up a cigarette butt on the ground, we say “Yucky. Step on it.”. It redirects her action and becomes something she does every time she sees trash on the ground. Same for throwing food on the floor, “Put it on your tray.” It sounds so simple, but it has changed our lives. 

Every time I ask mi parent’s how I was as a toddler, they go pale. All the anecdotes they can think of are mess-related. Apparently I used to climb trees (especially when wearing light colored dresses), to play football and to touch everything at hand (especially crystal made ornaments). As far as they are concerned, teenage hood is a blessing!Do you have a toddler? How do you manage to stay sane? Are they as “messy” as people think they are? If you have any other strong-willed kid tips… please let us know your thoughts and comments. Stay tuned… 


One Response to Save me from my toddler!!!!!!

  1. christineculley86 says:

    KiKi, must say.. all these things are so true with toddlers. I have a toddler right now, he’s into everything.. definitely a little dare devil, and I agree… its better to tell them things that they should do, if you didn’t you’d be telling them no NONE stop. Parents wonder why its their childs first word… my son understands no.. he will shake his head in a no direction but has never once said the word *hopefully never does* He responds better when we give him a different opinion when it involves something he’s not suppose to do, sort of lets them figure things out in a more knowledgeable way.

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