What is the role of fun in learning?

Our friends from Marc Accetta’s Blog
Have been discussing the Role of Fun (entertainment) in Learning in this very intresting article:

What is the role fun in learning?

Most often, edutainment seeks either to tutor in one or more specific subjects, or to change behavior by engendering specific sociocultural attitudes. Whether an attempt at edutainment is successful or not, by its very nature, is determined by where the learning process becomes fun and entertaining, and that the teachers or speakers educate an audience in a manner which is both engaging and amusing to those doing the learning.

It is well understood that fun and amusement (entertainment) can be very strong motivational factors when it comes to learning.

While it is not entirely clear whether too much ‘edutainment’ can in fact become detrimental to the process of learning when the learning involves such serious, life and death matters as medicine and warfare, it is clear that when it comes to the education of both children and adults in more convention matters such as personal development and growth… fun and entertainment can be key to improved comprehension and the successful adoption of new concepts and lessons, as well as being instrumental in effecting permanent change in the individual student.

so…is edutainment a good motivational tool to achieve the ultimate goal???? In my opinion, yes. As long as traditional was of education stand, edutainment can become a successful aly to develop alternate skills in children, teenagers and even adults.


For instance, it has been widely discussed the impact of Universal Studios‘ and even Disney’s games on children. Many say that Jurassic Park has brought children closer to dinasaurs.

However, other experts are reluctant to believe in the benefits of edutainment. There is a lot to be said, but in the meantime, we should keep on experimenting with edutainment. Besides, it is fun, isn’t it?

stay tuned….



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