Computer Games and Edutainment

Marc Accetta suggests:

Although computer games are not as popular as an educational tool as edutainment television, educational computer games are gaining popularity. Games like ‘Transition Math K-1’ use bright graphics to draw children in and keep them interested in counting, shapes, and telling time. Using a combination of different things like text, sound, graphics and animation, edutainment through the use of computer games can enhance the process of education and make it more enjoyable than most traditional teaching methods.

Click on the link below to see how the computer game ‘The Sims’ can be transformed to use as edutainment in a foreign language classroom…

It’s actually good, worth checking out!!!!

Games encouraging language learning are not uncommon these days but these one is accurate and user-friendly!

for more visit Marc Accetta’s Blog!

stay tuned…for more..



5 Responses to Computer Games and Edutainment

  1. Bill Dunvar says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed this web page! There are not many devoted to edu-tainment and e-learning! thanks

  2. Questor says:

    Hi Bill!
    I am very glad that you are enjoying this site!!! 🙂
    Thanks for your feedback!

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

  3. KIKI says:

    Thanks Bill! I told you this blog rocked!
    Stay tuned for more!

  4. rustyjeffers says:

    hey bill nice artical i love your stuff ……. check out mine.

    fanxs bye


  5. Questor says:

    Thanks! Hope to see you soon again for next releases!

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