Learn how to draw Manga! Lesson 1

Hi there!

Are you a fan of anime, manga, and all that japanese stuff?!
Well maybe not, but if you like drawing, and you want to learn how to draw better this is your chance! 😉

I am indeed a fan of manga drawing. I enjoy drawing very much, although I am really not real good at it, but I can say I really became better over the years.

Learning how to draw without a teacher is a hard road. Most of us are really busy with some other stuff, work, study, projects, and can’t manage to have regular drawing classes. However, even though that’s my case, I really enjoy ‘studying’ how to draw on my free time.

The technique I most used to ‘study’ how to draw without a teacher was copying drawings I really liked and scrutinizing all the proportions and details of the drawing that made it look good. That was really hard work. I spent almost like 2 to 3 hours making a single drawing, sometimes more. I would sketch the initial drawing (in another scale, usually making it bigger) trying to imitate the original image . Then I would add darker lines in pencil, then black ink. After many redraws and erases I would have my final drawing in black ink and a really bad looking white piece of paper with many eraser marks and pencil scratchs. So I would get another paper and put it on top of my original, place a white light under my glass table to make the page translucent, and then draw the final outline lines. Then shade.

Shading is really hard. I bought a collection of pastel chalks to color my drawing and the truth is that you must really learn the technique before painting with pastels, as all the chalk dust will get everywhere and screw up your drawing. So I decided to perfection myself on pencil coloring first.

An advice is to start coloring in black pencil. Shades can look extremelly good, and its much easier than combining colors and most times looks more proffessional (since it’s easier to get good results 😉 ). The trick -even though no one says it- is to get different hardness pencils. Buy a 6B, 2B, and HB pencil at least.

Here is key:

  • Use the HB pencil (or H pencil, depending your taste) to draw the outlines.
  • Use the 2B pencil for soft light shadows.
  • Use the 6B pencil for dark shadows.

So the key actually is not just to press harder with the pencil, but to actually change pencils while drawing.

Anyways, I was going to the fact that learning from books is a really hard way to learn drawing. Most of the times you need a person to show you were to start to draw and end each line, and books don’t give you that. I have a collection of Manga Drawing books and they are useful, I am not saying that, but there is that part that is missing.

So here, I present one of my findings:
A video that teaches you how to draw an anime face (manga, is the right word actually! Many call it anime too.)
Vango will teach you how to draw a manga character live! She draws awesomely well.

At the end of the lessons you will get to see some cats… but don’t worry, they are harmless (and add some music to the lesson). Check it out and you will see what I am saying! haha


Until next time,


P.S: If there is anything you are intrested in particular about drawing post your comments and also recommend other resources! 🙂


43 Responses to Learn how to draw Manga! Lesson 1

  1. Alan Lerner says:

    It’s really very interesting how you can do something so complicated explained in few single steps.

    A good activity for chilling out after a tough day!!

    Congratulations to the writter.



  2. eduitba says:

    Thanks Alan for your feedback! 🙂
    We hope to hear back from you soon!

  3. Richard says:

    Cool stuff! Congrats on making learning as entertaining as possible.
    Looking forward to the next “Manga” episode!


  4. eduitba says:

    Thanks for your feedback! 😉
    We are very happy that you are enjoying the site!

    Next manga article will come soon!


  5. Juggle says:

    That’s a pretty fast way of drawing anime … can’t wait to try it out and also

    CUTE KITTIES!!!!! I love them lolz.

  6. Questor says:

    Hi Juggle!
    I am glad you like it!!!
    We would love to see your drawings if you try out… you can post them on the Downloads Wiki-space section!

    I will post more tutorials on anime drawing, however, I can’t assure you that the kittens will be there… haha

    Thanks for your comments!

  7. Vango says:

    I only just noticed this. I’m glad you liked my video, but now I’m embarassed! I might have to create something that isn’t half-assed.

    I’m glad you find this of use. I’ll see if I can’t shoot something better this time.


  8. Questor says:

    Hi Vango!
    Thanks for visiting our site! Your video was a great success 😉
    You draw really nice! and your kittens charmed the whole crowd.

    If you post any new tutorials, send me an email to edutainmentblog AT gmail.com, I would love to post them in my site and have you as ‘featured artist’ 😉 .


  9. Adalin says:

    This website is so cool and helpful. Plus, the kittens were a good finish to the page. They are so cute!
    Thanks for the help,

  10. Questor says:

    Hi Adalin!
    I am glad you like this site!
    Keep in touch! 🙂


  11. Jean L says:

    Your website is great – very clean and professional, easy to navigate. And the video is an excellent way to teach drawing manga. Looking forward to the next one – and yes the kittens are soooo cute! Thanks!

  12. Questor says:

    Hi Jean! I so glad you enjoy our site! We’ll keep adding more!
    Kittens rock! 🙂


  13. Abby says:

    OMG… The tutorial rocked….. you have cute kittens, Simon is my fave!!!

    Chau for now.

  14. Neil says:

    Thanks for the site. Its very good and the videos help a lot.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to draw fairly well sometime soon.


  15. Questor says:

    Go Neil and Abby!!! Thanks for the comments.
    Kittens are so cute!

  16. Zhouyee says:

    hi i am zhou yee 11….yes i am not that good at drawing but i guess it is at least 70% good cause most of my friends worship it .it is hard to draw i wanna draw anime anime are just sooo cool i wanna draw them T^T i took me 1 year just to practice and draw like 70% ONLY!!!!and i want 100% T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T nvm i will still practice i will be loooking forward to the nezt drawing lessong ^__^

  17. Therie says:

    heck, the drawin’s good!
    and, correction, anime is animation, aka moving pics
    manga is comics. unless you dont read any.

  18. charlie says:

    hi im getting really anyed with my self i can never get the body right and cloths soz for my spelling lol could you help me plz 😛

  19. .... wtfss.... says:

    ummm no offense…. but HOW LONG AGO WAS THIS FROM!?!?!??!

    sorry to be a hater or w/e but it’s really crappy.
    and the truth is that’s just a REALLY old style that REAL manga artists drawing.
    i mean you can still see a LOT of …. (mostly white) amateurs drawing like that…
    but i mean there are still a lot asians sadly drawing like that.

    soooo maybe search up a better video?

    • madavis says:

      the picture itself isn’t bad it’s just the shading. she didn’t shade and now a days peopl don’t just draw they use photoshop to enhance what they’re drawing. manga hasn’t really improve since it’s started they just made the lines sharper, the eyes narrower and the heads smaller with taller bodies. it’s still the same thats why everyone enjoys it

  20. Rufus says:

    Hey, why don´t you put your words where your mouth is?
    And saying this I mean, if you really believe the video is creppy then make a video yourself and send it to Edutainment Blog´s email (check right sidebar -at the top- where it says “write us”).

    If it´s good enough we´ll post it.
    If not… you might have to put your words else where…

    Have a great new year.. and we´ll be waiting for your video.. if you DARE!!! :o) :o) :o)

  21. Kayley says:

    I love it, but it goes very fast. Like I can’t follow so I need to stop it whole the time. But maybe you can do some lessons about every thing on a face, like I can’t draw noses and eyes, and a lesson about shadows would be handy, and about different hairstyles. That would be cool!

  22. Nyan-chan ga imasu!<——– thats japenese and im english and that says its a kitten XD,email me at jinamelvin@yahoo.com well anyone if you want 😛 bubye

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  24. Pedro Brand says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I came to edutainmenteng.wordpress.com! Great post!

  25. Wow am I honestly the first reply to your amazing read.

  26. aneri says:

    what the hell was that…
    i mean the drawing- it was ok, but those pussy cats… whay did you show them…

  27. Brooke says:

    i have been trying to draw manga (which is this btw) for about 2 weeks and this drawing is ok, but i dont get the cats….:( i looked at this to draw a japanese cartoon, not to look at cats for one minute that i will never get back.

  28. Merutsuki says:

    you good job!. i don’t belive you same me why i want bocame Artist Manga. i skill drawing faces. And i good drawing body and i ok drawing hand,feet. but i looking need for deeper body, hand, and feet. book x.x i has 9 or 10 how to draw manga. But i need buy deeper all body,feet, and hand,. i want easy looking find need drawing why i had 9 or 10 looking all then find it so long time than 1hrs. X.x so i will looking more for new how to drawing manga. your kitten is cute! i had cats. but i had dog was dead 😦 i was kid learn manga drawing myself. now i had 1/2 story called Tsuki. i need finash for Vol. 1 i need Vol.2! why i alway busy Study drawing lots. i hard for free drawing manga. x.x i hope finash Vol.1! for Vol.1& study drawing= 1year. i need fast drawing than before, why i had study drawing lots. i had 2 drawing different class. i start class in Jan. i not high school. i am college study.
    by Merutsuki Inuyoukai

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