Learning Languages while playing commercial games?!

That sounds completely crazy…

However, the following video explains how to use commercial hits such as Sims 2 and Grim Fandango not just to play but to also learn new languages!

The key point is that this commercial games, as being sold internationally, have all the text exposed, outside the binary codes, in order to support multiple languages (where they are going to be sold). This means that with simple free tools (available on the net) one can modify all the conversations that our fictional characters have in the game.

The MIT Competive Media Group has fiddled up with this in order to re-create real world scenarios (simulation of real cities) that help the gamer -or student, haha- learn new languages.

Imagine playing Sims 2 in German where all characters help you out to figure out the words by acting the meaning of each word, along with an intresting story? This is a really new approach. Could this be really useful!?

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2 Responses to Learning Languages while playing commercial games?!

  1. Alan Lerner says:

    Great Fun, kind of interesting…

    Cheers (Dis caks)


  2. eduitba says:

    Thanks for your comment Alan,
    Hope to hear from you back soon!


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