Is Edutainment effective in the Biz World?!

Marc Accetta is a very successful business man who implements Edutainment techniques in the corporate world.

So.. what!? You thought edutainment was only for personal needs, or for learning how to type fast!?

Edutainment in action

The truth is that experts that work with this techniques, know perfectly well that edutainment can be included in training programs, and experience shows that it must be implemented in order to get faster and more efficent results.

We do a very unique training called A View From the Edge, that our participants spend an entire weekend being trained through a series of about 20 characters that act out short plays to teach the points that need to be addressed. We entertain and educate, combined. The concept is known as Edutainment. Much of our success and recognition comes from the results of this annual training. I have been involved with business builders as a Success coach and Seminar speaker for 17 years. Coming to World Ventures in another way to impact one specific company in a powerful way.
says Marc, our biz edutainment expert.

Marc Accetta has achived incredible results implementing this techniques in the real world biz. For example, afer being contracted into World Ventures, LLC, as a full trainer he has produced a high impact on the home business arena producing a record breaking growth, implementing edutainment techniques.

So the answer is YES! Edutainment can have business uses, and very serious ones, that can produce amazing results if managed correctly.

Some words from our expert Marc Accetta:

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN…. Group, cooperative exercises, physical participation, games, activities, role playing, music, art, dramas, theatre, visual aids, story-telling, and that which elicits emotions of pleasure, all work to enhance the learning experience in a beneficial way.

Edutainment Teaches while allowing for Unstructured Free Play and a Chance to Just Wonder and Use the Imagination…

The biggest complaint most experts have with structured programs and over-scheduling for children is that it robs them of the time needed for unstructured free play and a chance to just ‘wonder’ and use their imaginations.

Unstructured free time and a chance to just ‘wonder’ and engage the imagination are very essential requirements for a child’s healthy development of both creativity and intellectual ability.

It is a given, that for healthy development, children, especially young children, need free play time, and lots of it…

Experts also agree that adults would be a lot better off in many ways, if they too had more time to play and engage their imaginations. ‘Wonder’ is a truly wonderful thing to embrace, unfortunately in this day and age, especially if you are a working professional, finding time to simply ‘wonder’ is not always an easy thing to find the time to do.

What better ways to do it than while you are learning the very lessons and concepts that can enable you to change your life for the better, and succeed emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and financially!

Until next time!



P.S: Don’t forget to tell us if you have implemented edutainment in your business and tell us how!

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2 Responses to Is Edutainment effective in the Biz World?!

  1. Alan Lerner says:

    I concretely agree with Mr Acceta – It’s interesting of how effective training for employees can be mixed with educational fun.

    Dis caks,

    Alan Lerner

  2. eduitba says:

    Thanks Alan!
    I am glad you enjoyed the article, 🙂

    It would be great to listen to experiences of others using edutainment at work.
    Post your comments! 🙂


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